RDP 0xC000035B Error occurred during login

I had the weirdest error recently when rolling out a remote app to a new customer. It was a Windows 7 machine that had the latest RDP updates installed.

When launching the thin app, the following error occurred on the client end:

Disconnected from remote computer

This stumped me for some time. It looked like some sort of authentication error. There is a Microsoft article on this, which applies to the RDP Gateway. I don’t think you should be applying a wholesale fix like this to a RDP Gateway, let alone on multi tenancy infrastructure.

I looked at the event log on the Remote Desktop Gateway server which was running Server 2012. I saw the following event log.


This confirmed to me that this was some sort of authentication error.

Looking at the local security options on the computer, I found the following:


Now, on a normal domain, this would not be set. You need to set this to the following:


Set to NTLM v2 for server 2012 connections.

Remote Desktop Server 2012 and Easy Print on Windows XP/Vista

If any of you have decided to try and print on a 2012 Remote Desktop Server, you will be in for some fun ūüôā

Firstly, you will get errors in the Windows XP / Vista event log about tswpfwrp.exe. Microsoft released a hotfix for this which fixes the errors, but still doesn’t allow you to print.

You need to install the Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack. Once this is installed, reboot the computer and try printing.

Also ensure that Windows XP has RDP version 7 installed.

RDS Publish Remote Desktop with Remote Apps

By default, when publishing Webapps using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, it removes the publishing of Remote Desktops. To enable this edit the following registry key:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionTerminal ServerCentralPublishedResourcesPublishedFarms<collection>RemoteDesktops<collection>

ShowInPortal     REG_DWORD     0x00000001