Toshiba WT200 and Windows8 Wifi Drivers

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I’ve recently picked up a Toshiba WT200 as I wanted to install Windows8 Preview to show customers Microsofts Next Gen operating system. However, I had real issues getting drivers going on this device. Here are some simple instructions to save you a boat load of time.

Download and install the wifi driver from Toshiba’s Australia driver page. Download¬†Atheros Wireless LAN Driver. This driver will install, but your wireless will not be active. This is how you fix it. After the driver has finished installing, do the following:

Update: I’ve added the drivers to a zip file for easy access. Click here to download and follow the instructions.

  1. Go to %USERPROFILE%appdatalocaltemp and search the folder by date modified
  2. You will see a directoy that ends in 400a or something similar. Note the full path down
  3. Local device manager and you will see an unknown device called Network Controller
  4. Right click on this and select Update Driver
  5. Point the location to the folder you down under the appdata path and click next.
  6. Your driver should install

You can do this with a bunch of the drivers on the Toshiba website as the installer does not install them correctly.


Microsoft Server 2008 Foundation

Microsoft Foundation Server 2008

Microsoft have released a new operating system designed for the small business. Wait, don’t we already have one of those?

Microsoft Server 2008 Foundation is aimed at businesses with 15 employees or less. It’s an OEM product that only comes with new machines sold by either Dell or HP (at time of writing). Another thing to note are the artificial limitations placed on the OS.

  • 15 users maximum
  • Limited to 8gb of memory
  • Visualization disabled

At the same time it does have one benefit. It’s a very cheap Terminal Server.

The OS is upgradable to other versions of server 2008, but what is the point? I can guarentee that by the time this happens, the hardware will be out of date, or the hardware simply won’t be able to be upgraded significantly to improve the performance of the server with the upgraded operating system.

The biggest problem with Foundation is its lack of Exchange. What business operates without email these days?

I love Microsoft products, but this sounds like a knee jerk reaction to a slow uptake on Windows 2008 Small Business Server and will ultimately fail. Watch this space…

Lets just hope this is an April Fools joke.

Windows 7 Beta Test Drive (build 7000)

Windows 7 is the newest operating system due out from Microsoft. Microsoft stated in 2007 they were planning Windows 7 development for a three-year time frame starting after the release of its predecessor, Windows Vista. Microsoft has stated that the final release date would be determined by product quality.

We decided to take Windows 7 for a test drive. There was a lot of fuss when Windows Vista was first released. First there were reports on how much slower it was than XP, then we had all the bugs that went with it. Finally Microsoft released Service Pack 1 and things seem to be a lot smoother for the troubled operating system. It is reported now that Windows Vista is finally being adopted by companies around the world. We wondered if Windows 7 will be any different.

We fired up our test box, a Quad Core AMD processor 9550, 4GB memory and 500GB Hard Drive.

First things first, lets install this puppy.


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