Exclude category from wordpress blog page

This has been an issue i’ve been working through for some time. There are no easy to use plugins to do this. So here’s how you do it.

    1. Find your blog category id by editing one of your categories
    2. Edit your functions.php with the folowing code. Replace xx with your category id
function exclude_category($query) {
if ( $query->is_home() ) {
$query->set('cat', '-xx');
return $query;
add_filter('pre_get_posts', 'exclude_category');


Moving wordpress from local to public

Have you ever had the issue of moving your WordPress site from your local development environment to your public facing web hosting?

Once you do this, the first thing you will notice is that all your links break. I’ve found a great tool to fix this.

The program works by searching the database replacing your old url with the new one. This will fix your broken links in a matter of seconds.