RDP 0xC000035B Error occurred during login

I had the weirdest error recently when rolling out a remoteĀ app to a new customer. It was a Windows 7 machine that had the latest RDP updates installed.

When launching the thin app, the following error occurred on the client end:

Disconnected from remote computer

This stumped me for some time. It looked like some sort of authentication error. There is a Microsoft article on this, which applies to the RDP Gateway. I don’t think you should be applying a wholesale fix like this to a RDP Gateway, let alone on multi tenancy infrastructure.

I looked at the event log on the Remote Desktop Gateway server which was running Server 2012. I saw the following event log.


This confirmed to me that this was some sort of authentication error.

Looking at the local security options on the computer, I found the following:


Now, on a normal domain, this would not be set. You need to set this to the following:


Set to NTLM v2 for server 2012 connections.