Exchange 2013 Veeam backup logs are not truncated

We have an Exchange 2013 shared environment split over multiple servers. We have our 2xDAG and 2xCAS.

When running a Veeam backup (Full and Incremental), we noticed that the backup logs were not being truncated.

khdn3kju.nkd1What we found is that the DAG’s must be backed up before the CAS servers. If not, the DAG servers, for whatever reason do not truncate the logs.


Once we changed the order of VMs, we found the logs truncated.

CaptureThe reason I am posting this is that many forum users are saying to install CU1. CU1 has many issues itself, so we didn’t want to do this. This proves CU1 does not need to be installed.

Before anyone installs CU1, please read the blog posts here.

Remote Desktop Server 2012 and Easy Print on Windows XP/Vista

If any of you have decided to try and print on a 2012 Remote Desktop Server, you will be in for some fun 🙂

Firstly, you will get errors in the Windows XP / Vista event log about tswpfwrp.exe. Microsoft released a hotfix for this which fixes the errors, but still doesn’t allow you to print.

You need to install the Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack. Once this is installed, reboot the computer and try printing.

Also ensure that Windows XP has RDP version 7 installed.